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JHQ – Before (1954) & After (2012)

Have a look at what has changed in the layout of JHQ between 1954 and 2012 using the sliding “Before & After” map that has been added to the website. Garrison Maps (1954 –>...

Christmas Greetings

Christmas / New Greetings “Merry Christmas”, “Frohe Weihnachten”, “Vrolijk Kerstfeest”, “Joyeux noël”, “Feliz navidad”, “Buon Natale”, “God Jul”, “Nadolig Llawen” and “Nollaig Chridheil” to you all! Greetings in all of the languages that the website...

Rheindahlen Garrison Maps

The “Garrison Maps – Decades Set” is complete! The 1988 & 1994 maps have now been uploaded to the website. Link: JHQ Maps – JHQ Rheindahlen Website (

A History of Scribes Football Club (1958-1983)

It is with great pleasure that I upload a history of Scribes  Football Club that I have received from Keith Williams, who played for them in the late 1970’s. I was very happy to...

Rheindahlen Garrison Maps

After some painstaking effort to stitch back together the many map images made available to me I have been able to digitally remaster and reformat JHQ Garrison maps for the years 1955, 1968, 1979,...


More copies of the “Queens School Courier” have been added

Copies of the “Queens Courier (July 1960)” , “Queens Courier (January 1963)” and “Queens Courier (November 1963)” have been uploaded thanks to Jane Harries. Thanks Jane! Link: Queens Courier – JHQ Rheindahlen Website (


More copies of “The Rheindahlen Bulletin” have been added

A further 6 copies of “The Rheindahlen Bulletin” have been added courtesy of J. Dannel, Ontario, Canada (May 1971, July 1971, September 1971, November 1971, May 1972, September 1975). Another 5 copies were provided...