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Queen's School Rheindahlen

Members: 897

Set up by Alan Fraser (1957-63) to allow former Queen's School pupils and teachers to exchange information and photos. Suggested by Barbara née Simpson (1961-64).

"Queen's was one of several British Forces schools in Germany, others being Prince Rupert School at Wilhelmshaven, Windsor School at Hamm, Gloucester School at Hohne and Kent School at Hostert. Rheindahlen was the Joint HQ of BAOR (British Army of the Rhine), NORTHAG (Northern Army Group) and 2nd ATAF (2nd Allied Tactical Air Force). After being run down for many years, it is expected to close around 2015."

JHQ - A Story in Pictures

Members: 3,531

"Contains pictures of JHQ in it's last glorious days."

Windsor School, JHQ

Members: 2,024

JHQ Rheindahlen

Members: 11,232

"For anyone who remembers living and experiencing JHQ Rheindahlen ... especially those who can remember the Blue Pool/Royal upstairs even before it was a restaurant, or the Queensway or Marlborough Clubs.

Did you go to the Astra Cinema, the Dutch Bar, the JRC Club at Wegberg Hospital. Did anyone go drinking in the Dutch bar? Who caught the last 23 bus home to JHQ after a night out in MG? Did you ever eat or drink in the Oase?

Total JHQ Rheindahlen 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. Let's have your experiences and memories please!"

Memories of JHQ: past and present

Members: 7,641

"This site has been running to collect wonderful , sometimes sad memories of a very special place. It is for well behaved , polite individuals who aren't rude and know how to play nicely . Please join in , comment , post pictures and maybe reconnect with old friends."

Houses on JHQ

Members: 3,090

"For anyone who wants to view or upload photos of houses on JHQ. Hundreds of photos sorted by street name!"

Queens school, rheindahlen, germany

Members: 1,446

"Looking for anyone connected with Queen's School, JHQ."

Queens School Reunion

Members: 421

"Discussing plans for a reunion in Spring 2021. Date and venue not yet decided. Will be in the Midlands area. All ex pupils welcome."

Kent School, Hostert, Germany

Members: 1,884

"Find friends, classmates, Teachers who went to Kent School, Hostert. (Hogwarts of Germany :-). Please only request to join this group if you have been to Kent School, we look forward to your Kent School memories :-)"

Kent School Hostert

Members: 1,867

"For those who went to Kent School in Hostert before they changed it to Windsor School."

British Forces Germany

Members: 34,988

"For anyone who has served in uniform or as an attached civilian or dependant. Tell us your stories about British Forces Germany."

Windsor School Rheindahlen (JHQ)

Members: 1,958

"For those who attended Windsor high school In JHQ Germany."

Queen's School Rheindahlen Photos Only!

Members: 904

"Hi everyone! I thought I'd create a group just for photos. There are lots of other groups about Queen's but I thought it would be nice for people to upload their memories all in one place! Enjoy xx"

St Andrews Primary School (JHQ), Rheindahlen, Germany

Members: 537

"For anyone that went to St Andrews in Rheindahlen, Germany! Also anyone else that knows people who went to St Andrews feel free to join too!"

Marlborough Club JHQ

Members: 634

"Remember the Marlborough Club. In it's time it had two dance halls, a pub, a Naafi shop, a fish and chip shop and hundreds of soldiers and airmen going for nights out in Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays."

St George's Primary School, JHQ Rheindahlen

Members: 420

"There doesn't seem to be a Facebook group for this wonderful school. There is now. Please share your memories and photos here. Let's keep the memories of St George's alive."


Members: 1,276

"Your time had at JHQ Rheindahlen. Going to the Queensway, Belgian Bar, Marly, Pops and Eddies, Fuchsbau, and the Schnelly in Hardt."

Revisit JHQ Rheindahlen

Members: 900

"This group remembers JHQ Rheindahlen and helps members co-ordinate and chat about visiting the site in the future."

Queens School Rheindahlen - Class' of the 80's

Members: 710

"Happy New Year Queenies!, :)"

BFES/SCEA Association

Members: 514

"The BFES/SCEA Association has two aims: to link together past members and partners of BFES, SCE(NWE), SCE & SCEA to meet and maintain the friendship of the service AND to spread information about the Association and its activities amongst members."

RAF Rheindahlen

Members: 2,687

"The camp that gave so many memories and hangovers to so many people.
Easter Weekends at the Queensway Club, just seeing if you could stay awake for the whole time!

Breaking into the Royal, not for the beer but to go swimming!!!!
Kaarst Lakes in the summer, skinny dipping. The White Horse at Wegberg or the Red Hen. Pop's & Eddies.The Belgie Bar (15 Stellas for 5 DM's)"

CATS Rheindahlen

Members: 104

"Theatre club in JHQ Germany (BFPO 40)"

The Marly in JHQ

Members: 396

"Ever visited and had many drunken nights in the Marly.

Well come and join us and tell us about it!!! ha ha!"

Kent School Association

"A website for ex-pupils and staff of Kent School, Rheindahlen, Germany. This association has the primary aim of increasing social links between fellow Kenties, regardless of when they were at the School.

The Association also wants to be organisers of adventurous reunions (in 2006 they arranged a visit to the old school buildings!) and have also had large scale bashes at Minehead and Skegness."

The Wilhelmshaven Association, Prince Rupert School, 1947-1972

"A website for ex-pupils and staff of Prince Rupert School, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

The website has a public section aimed at locating former pupils and staff as well as a members section for fully paid up members (700+)."

The Army Children Archive (TACA)

A website chronicling British Army children’s history.

"If your parent’s career as a regular soldier in the British Army meant that you grew up as an army child, or are still doing so, do consider contributing your own story to The Army Children Archive (TACA).

Not only will others be interested in reading about your experiences, but your contribution will also be preserved for historians to learn from in the future."

King Alfred School, Ploen, 1948-1959

"A website for ex-pupils and staff of King Alfred School, Ploen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

The school opened in May 48 as a co-educational boarding school for the children of the British Armed Forces and Control Commission personnel stationed in the British zone of Germany.

It was situated on the shores of the Grosser Plöner See, in a beautiful area of hills and woods often called Holstein Switzerland."

BFES-SCE Association

BFES-SCE Association

"Welcome to the new BFES-SCE Association Website, developed in 2021.

Life with BFES and its successor organisations (SCEA, SCS, SCE & MoD Schools) was a great experience - friends and colleagues lived in many different parts of the world and we want to record these special places and the interesting times which were had.

The aim of this website is to record as much information about as many locations as possible (we have approaching 300 listed on the website, so far) and keep the reader up to date with the latest events. Please add to the time capsule we are creating - we want your stories and photographs."

Rheindahlen Military Cemetary

Find A Grave

This website contains information about the final resting place of those who have been laid to rest at the Rheindahlen Military Cemetary.

Most of the 1,484 Memorials have been photographed and their exact location recorded by gps.

Rheinische Post

Rheinische Post

The Rheinische Post is a major German regional daily newspaper published since 1946, and headquartered in Düsseldorf.

The Rheinische Post is especially dominant in the western part of North Rhine-Westphalia.

MG Heute Zeitung

M G Heute

A local News website created by Harald Wendler.

"As a Mönchengladbacher, it is my concern to report on local events, not to be tied to any political party, to make my personal conclusion public and thus to stimulate discussion."

Der Lokalbote

Der Lokalbote

A local News website created by Sylvia and Werner Erkens.

"Welcome to the website of Der Lokalboten. The name says it all.

With the Mönchengladbacher Nachrichten, we take the opportunity to report on the whole of Mönchengladbach and thus to be able to reflect the entire breadth and the big picture of our hometown ... People are at the centre of our reporting. We are not do-gooders, but want to inform and entertain you. "

RADIO 90,1

Radio 90,1 Moenchengladbach

A local Radio Station website covering the Moenchengladbach area.

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