Queens School Photos

Welcome to the “Queens School Photos” section of this website.

This section will contain photos and albums portraying life at Queens School, Rheindahlen.

The subject of the photos will be restricted to the following:

  • photos of buildings, streets, houses, facilities, green spaces etc.
  • photos of public events, celebrations etc.
  • public group photos (teachers, pupils, sports teams, theatre casts etc.)

Photos of private gatherings or personal photos will not be shown as there are enough Facebook Groups for sharing these photos.

Having said that some of you will notice that the current “Closing Ceremony Timelines” photo albums include photos of individual former pupils.  They have been included as they were officially included amongst those photos that were displayed as part of the Windsor School closing ceremony and were provided by the last headmaster of Windsor School, Mr Brian Davies and it is assumed that permission was given to use them.

If anyone has photos that satisfy the above conditions and you are willing to share them on this website could you please send them to or contact webmaster@jhq-rheindahlen.de